Name the lowest altitude place in Pakistan.
Which is the national bird of Pakistan?
When did Pakistan win Olympic gold medal in Hockey for the first time?
What does "GT" in GT Road stands for?
which is the oldest city of Pakistan?
Which socialmedia platform's logo has a play button in it?
What is the dimensions of Instagram post on feed?
Which is the latest feature of Whatsapp?
"Shorts" is the feature of which Socialmedia platform?
What is the maximum duration of instagram reel video
When was All India Muslim League formed?
Who was the first Governor General of Pakistan?
How long did the construction of Faisal Mosque take?
Pakistan Movement began as _____ Movement.
Pakistan movement started in first half of ____century.
The place on Facebook where you can leave public messages for your friends is called?
Asia Cup T20: Big shock for India ahead of match against Pakistan, Jasprit Bumrah out of Asia Cup
Which Social media icon has a bird in it?
Tweets are posted on _________
Which social media icon has an icon of a ghost?
When was Instagram launched?
Mark Zuckerberg owns which company?
What is longest river in Pakistan?
What is the highest peak in Pakistan called?
What is Pakistan's film industry called?
What is the national game of Pakistan?