Pur-Asrar Cheekhain" kia hai?

"Pur-Asrar Cheekhain" kia hai?

Pur-Asrar Cheekhain is a novel written by Pakistani author Umera Ahmed. It is a story about a young woman named Areeba who must confront the secrets and lies of her past when she discovers that her mother has been keeping a shocking secret from her for years. Areeba must navigate the complicated web of relationships and family dynamics as she struggles to come to terms with the truth and find her place in the world. The novel explores themes of identity, forgiveness, and the power of love to overcome even the most difficult challenges.


Areeba is a young woman who has always felt like an outsider in her own family. She has never quite fit in with her mother and siblings, and has always felt like she was missing something. One day, she discovers that her mother has been keeping a secret from her for years: Areeba's real father is actually someone else, someone her mother had an affair with before she was married.

Areeba is devastated by this revelation and sets out to learn the truth about her father. Along the way, she discovers that her mother's secrets go much deeper than she ever could have imagined, and that the people she thought she knew the best were actually full of lies and deceit.

As Areeba struggles to come to terms with her new reality, she finds herself drawn to a young man named Zain, who helps her to see the world in a different light and to embrace her true identity. Together, they embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing, as they work to overcome the pain and heartache of the past and build a new future together.