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When a batsman is dismissed on first ball it is called a ____.
Which color ball is used in Test Cricket?
How many players can play from the squad on the field in the cricket match?
Five-wicket haul is when a bowler takes five wickets in one _____.
Who is the only player to hit the first ball of a test match as 6?
Who has been the most successful Pakistani cricket captain?
How many teams were playing in the PSL 7?
What rule of the cricket has never been changed?
Which season of PSL was played in the year 2022
How many Bails are there in a wicket?
Atif Aslam was previously from which Pakistani band?
Hasan Raheem is a famous young Pakistani _
Vital Signs was a famous Pakistani _
Which Pakistani band composed 'Mera Bichraa Yaar'?
What is the most famous Pakistani music TV series?
How many Stumps are there in a wicket?
Name the current captain of the Pakistani Cricket Team
Pakistan won the 2017 champions trophy after beating _______