Zainab Abbas excited to be part of ‘The Hundred’

Zainab Abbas excited to be part of ‘The Hundred’

One of Pakistan's leading female sports journalists and presenters Zainab Abbas is all set to make her debut for Sky television as a presenter and host for the 'The Hundred'.

Zainab is the first Pakistani to join Sky Sports team. With more than 3.4 million followers on social media, she is counted among the most popular hosts in Pakistan. While talking about her upcoming venture with Sky television, she looked adamant to seize the opportunity with both hands.

“I’m just really happy I’m part of it. I have done a one-off stint on Test Match Special but in terms of TV, this is my first gig with a UK-based organization,” she said in an exclusive interview with Ali Martin (The Guardian).

She also presented her views about the upcoming tournament and feels that it will bring youth and energy together to attract masses across the globe.

“The UK is such a multicultural place. When India or Pakistan play England, you see such representation from the Asian community. The Hundred will be a blend of youth and energy and Sky want to appeal to a diverse audience. I hope it gets positive feedback,” she added.

Pakistan's acclaimed cricket presenter also talked about the importance of getting used to the new terms and conditions of 'The Hundred' as there are many new additions in this newly launched format by the England Cricket Board (ECB).

“We’ll all have to get used to the new jargon and terms. The format is different, there’s no getting away from that. It’s 100 balls, maximum of 20 for each bowler, a 25-ball power play – broadcasters will need to give themselves conscious reminders all the time. It will be easy to slip into the old terms.”

Just like any other new tournament, Zainab is excited to be a part of ‘The Hundred’ where things are expected to be exciting and innovative. 

“But it’s the same with every new tournament; there are always things to get used to. That’s the exciting part, it is innovation. I’m pretty sure there will be moments early on where there are slips of the tongue but once you start, you will get the hang of it,” she concluded.

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