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Ramiz Raja calls for a team director instead of head coach

Ramiz Raja calls for a team director instead of head coach

Ramiz Raja calls for a team director instead of head coach

Former Pakistan captain turned commentator Ramiz Raja has advocated for the appointment of a team director instead of a new head coach. In an exclusive interview with ARY News program 'Sports Room', Raja called it a way of 'modern thinking'.

“I think all the things related to the senior team, U19 cricket, A team, academies, first-class coaches should be overseen by a team director,” Raja said.

The renowned analyst also suggested that there should be different coaches for different formats and roles should be given to each and every player in the squad.

“Roles must be defined where there can be a different coach for T20 cricket and Misbah-ul-Haq should remain coach for Test cricket,” he added.

He further made his point clear by saying that coaches shouldn't be appointed for 2-3 years instead, the board should opt for 'horses for courses' on a short-term basis.

“Coaches must your ‘horses for courses’. Suppose, if you are traveling to South Africa, appoint a guy who has local knowledge and he stays with the team. Long-term appointment backfires and it should be understood to appoint coaches for a short time period,” he added.


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