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PSL 6 - Usman Khawaja set to fulfill dream of playing in Pakistan

PSL 6 - Usman Khawaja set to fulfill dream of playing in Pakistan
The two-time Pakistan Super League (PSL) champions Islamabad United have roped in the dashing Aussie opener, Usman Khawaja in the PSL replacement draft on Tuesday.

The upcoming remaining matches will be Khawaja's maiden appearance in the glitzy domestic tournament of Pakistan and he's looking forward to fulfill his dream of playing in his birth country. He was born in Islamabad before his family emigrated to Australia at age five.

“As long as I’m playing domestic cricket in Australia I won’t get the opportunity to play in the PSL. This might be a little blessing in disguise to play over there. I’d love to go over there and play,” Khawaja told cricket.com.au.

Khawaja talked about his wonderful experience of playing in other Asian countries such as Sri Lanka, India and Bangladesh and anticipated a similar experience when he dons the color red to represent the Shadab Khan-led Islamabad United.

“I’ve played in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh but I’ve never played in Pakistan where I was born and it’s something I would love to do, to go home to where it all began for myself, my family,” he added.

Usman was particularly impressed with the way the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) made efforts to bring cricket back to the country on all levels. He also expressed delight at international cricket returning back to the country.

“I love cricket returning to that region, too, because I think they’re doing some really, really good stuff over there, doing some really hard work to get people to come over there and play,” he said.

Khawaja is of the opinion that 'cash is king' and money is the biggest reason behind all the international stars going to the IPL instead of the PSL. 

"Personally, if the PSL had as much money as the IPL there's no doubt all the international players would be going there. At the end of the day, people don't want to talk about it but it's all about cash. Cash is king. It's the reason when at times there have been some red flags traveling to the subcontinent people have always pushed the barriers, the boundaries a little bit because everyone has a price,” he concluded.


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