ICC shows interest in bringing T10 to Olympics

ICC shows interest in bringing T10 to Olympics

The possibility of seeing the T10 format in the Olympics is slowly turning into a potential reality. The news has emerged from ICC's schedule meetings for a new calendar from 2023 onwards.

The meeting was held last week in the presence of BCCI and ECB officials. The two boards have shown great interest in exploring new ways to globalize the game of cricket.

Historically, both BCCI and ECB have had reservations over the involvement of the sport in the tournament. However, the ECB chief executive Tom Harrison has raised the subject in the last week of the ICC chief executives' committee meeting. 

The committee was placed to agree on the international calendar from 2023 to 2031. The basic idea of Harrison was received well by the attendees of the meeting.

After the ICC meeting, the Apex Council of the BCCI also supported the idea of having cricket in the Olympic games. Previously, the BCCI looked extremely unconvinced by their requirement for involvement in the Olympics and were not comfortable giving up any authority of the sport to the Indian Olympic Association.

However, the BCCI is now confident that their authority will not be compromised and they've decided to send their women's team to the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham in 2022.

The final format for Olympics hasn't been decided yet but, the chief executives' committee is meeting again in a couple of days to work on a possible unanimous option. Also, there is a lot of support for the T10 format to be included in the Olympic games.

There are reports of one CEO involved in the meeting suggested having the 100-ball format used in the games. Whereas reports of some CEOs insisting to have the T20 format in the games because of its global popularity.

It is important to note that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) needs a sport to be recognized globally before it is added to the games officially. Therefore, the possibility of having a T10 format in the Olympics becomes a little difficult as the ICC still hasn't recognized the format.

The most primitive possible date for cricket's inclusion in the Olympic games would be the LA Olympics in 2028. Also, if the 2028 target isn't achieved, the Brisbane Olympics in 2032 can be termed as a more realistic target.

"We want to help grow the game globally and believe cricket's inclusion within the Olympic Games would provide a wonderful opportunity to showcase our sport domestically and take it to new audiences around the world. The ECB will enthusiastically support efforts to secure this outcome." an ECB spokesperson said.