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ICC determined to host World Test Championship final on time

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has consulted the United Kingdom (UK) government regarding hosting the ICC World Championship final as scheduled.

ICC determined to host World Test Championship final on time

ICC determined to host World Test Championship final on time

Southampton will host the big final starting on July 18 between India and New Zealand. Due to the rising Covid-19 cases in India, the UK government has put India on its red-list for traveling. For this reason, the ICC is worried about hosting the WTC final on time.

“We are currently discussing with the UK Government the impact of countries being on the ‘red list’,” ICC released a statement.

The statement from ICC further mentioned that hosting successful cricketing events in the era of the pandemic has been one of the top priorities for ICC. 

“The ECB and other Members have demonstrated how we can stage international cricket safely in the middle of a pandemic, and we are confident that we can continue to do that and that the World Test Championship Final will go ahead as planned in June in the UK,” the statement added.

Both India and New Zealand have secured their place in the final after topping in the ICC World Test Championship points table.

Read more news: https://www.sportnewsstar.com


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