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England spinner Dom Bess jaded from cricket after 'prolonged bio-bubble' stay in India

England spinner Dom Bess jaded from cricket after 'prolonged bio-bubble' stay in India

England spinner Dom Bess jaded from cricket after 'prolonged bio-bubble' stay in India

England spinner Dom Bess made a candid confession about him 'hating cricket' owing to the long bio-bubble stay in the Test series against India a month ago.

India won the Test series convincingly with the final scoreline being 3-1 in the favour of hosts whose fortress hasn't been easy to breach for the touring parties. Bess had a lukewarm tour and managed only five wickets in the two matches. 

It is understandable where Bess is coming from as the spinner spent almost two months in the bio-secure bubble and a player, amid the Covid pandemic era, doesn't get to explore the cities and catch a break from cricket, presumably adding stress and frustration, and adding further to his woes, he didn't get play all the games on a tour. 

The 23-year-old is now partaking in the ongoing county season and trying to relocate his mojo with Yorkshire.  

"After India I had a good break away from it, because I really did start hating cricket,' Bess was quoted as saying by ESPNCricinfo.

'It got too much at times, certainly, in that bubble in India, there's a lot of pressure going on and it was really important for me to come back and get away from it,' he said.

'It was nice to see them and get away from it, because in India, in the bubble, everything was about cricket. And it's fine when you're going well, but when things aren't going well it is very tough,' he said.

However, it has not all been unpleasant for the young promising talent from England who deemed the tour was a learning curve and the, in hindsight, helped him devise a plan of action going forward in his career. 

'But I only see what I had in India as a great positive. It's been a tough time really, but one hell of a learning curve for me. And it terms of where I see my game, I know what I've got to do. That's so exciting, knowing that I've still got so much work to do, when I'm so close as well, at times.' 

Bess is now back at home and breathed a sigh of relief during the cooling-off period from international cricket before participating in the county championship where he has taken his first-ever fifer against Sussex. 


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