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My TELENOR test your skills 20 March 2021
How many months of the year have 31 days?
How many primary colors are there?
How many consonants are there in the English alphabets?
Which vitamin helps to heal the wound?
Which way is anti clockwise?
Do men drive better or women?
Why didn't Aamir Khan talk to Johi Chawla for seven years?
Sleep less than five hours and more than nine hours harmful to health?
In which mountain range is the Mount Everest situated?
What voltage is required to light a bulb?
What do camels store in their humps?
How many limbs does an octopus have?
What is the sun mainly made up of?
How many matches were played in PSL 2019?
Hassan Ali represented which team in PSL 2019?
Which player got the award of Safe Hands of the Series in PSL 2019?
When was the first match of PSL 4 played?
Which player was suspended by PCB for breaching its Anti-Corruption Code ahead of PSL 2020?
Who was the captain of Peshawar Zalmi in PSL 2020?
Who was the captain of Islamabad United in PSL 2020?
PSL 2020 trophy was unveiled in which stadium?
The first four opening ceremonies of PSL were held in which international stadium?
Which famous singer made his PSL debut in the virtual opening ceremony of PSL 2021?
Which famous rapper was part of the virtual opening ceremony of PSL 2021?
Who is the second youngest bowler in PSL to take three wickets in an inning for Karachi?
In which season did Sharjeel Khan score his first PSL century?
PSL inaugural ceremony in 2017 featured which international rapper?
PSL inaugural ceremony in 2016  was hosted by which Pakistani actor?
Karachi won the first match of PSL 2021 against Quetta by how many wickets?